Pharma / Diagnostics Antibodies and Antigens

AbD Serotec has thirty years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality immunological reagents. We can supply antibodies in bulk quantities and our in-house antibody production capabilities allow us to offer our clients a customized approach to reagent supply for commercial and diagnostic assay development.

  • Antibodies manufactured at our ISO-certified facilities
  • High level technical support from scientists
  • Bulk manufacturing capability for specialized needs
  • Custom antibody generation and production services

AbD Serotec’s range of bulk antibodies covers an array of areas, specifically tailored to assay development.  Some of the most unique products and ranges are summarized below.

Antibodies to Biotherapeutics

Antibodies to BiotherapeuticsA unique range of anti-biotherapeutic antibodies for preclinical research and clinical development. Our antibodies have a high level of supporting data for pharmacokinetic (PK) and anti-drug antibody (ADA) assay development.

Infectious Disease Antibodies and Antigens

Infectious Disease Antibodies and AntigensOur range of infectious disease reagents includes antibodies to viral, respiratory, gastrointestinal, vector-borne, sexually transmitted and veterinary diseases, and recombinant proteins for use in immunoassay development.

Thermostable Malaria Antibodies

Thermostable Malaria AntibodiesUnique, thermostable antibodies targeting Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. Validated matched pairs for sandwich ELISA development.

HbA1c Antibodies

HbA1c AntibodiesAntibodies to HbA1c that have been designed to reduce the interference of genetic variants HbS, HbC and HbD when monitoring glycated hemoglobin.

Somatostatin Receptor Antibodies

Somatostatin Receptor AntibodiesUnlike many other SSTR antibodies, our antibodies are highly specific to their individual SSTR, showing no cross reactivity with the other SSTR subtypes.  Find out more about this new range of antibodies.

Custom Antibody Services

Custom Antibody Services Our custom antibody services include a wide range of antibody manufacture and modification options and can be tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you need a large amount of antibody for a special project or in-house demand exceeds your capacity, contact us for a discussion.

Antibodies and Antigens with Bulk Availability


Looking for recombinant and native proteins?  Our range includes infectious diseases, hormones, and much more.

Bone/Calcium Metabolism

Key antibodies for bone and calcium metabolism, including Parathyroid Hormone (PTH), Osteocalcin and Calcitonin.


Antibodies to classic and emerging cardiac biomarkers, including Troponin and BNP.


For high quality antibodies against D-Dimer, Albumin, Ferritin, Von Willebrand factor, and more.


Adsorbed, affinity purified, blocking reagents, quantitation reagents, and secondary antibodies.


A wide and well characterized range of pregnancy and fertility markers, including FSH, LH, hCG, and more.

Tumor / Leukemia Markers

Antibodies routinely used for tumor markers such as PSA, CA-19-9 and CD markers.

Veterinary Diagnostics

A wide range of veterinary antibodies covering infectious diseases, CD markers, cytokines for domestic animals and livestock


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